About Sheltr++

Sheltr aims to provide a single database of resources available to individuals affected by homelessness and near homelessness.  This database will be utilized via computer, smart phone, and SMS to locate resources that are relevant geographically and demographically. The target audience is mainly case managers, social workers, and organizations assisting the homeless population, but it is also catered to those affected by homelessness, and citizens with interest in assisting homeless fellow citizens.

How can I help? 

There is much to be done. If you are a member of an organization serving the homeless population, you can fill out our resource survey here to tell us more about what your organization provides.

If you are an individual who has been affected by homelessness, please let us know how we can best provide useful information to you by filling out our user survey here. All entries are anonymous.

If you are an individual interested in helping with the Sheltr++ mission, please email us at info@sheltr.org

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